Georgia election law provision blasted by Democrats allowed to stand for midterms amid legal challenges

Sat, 20 Aug 2022 00:52:26 GMT

A Georgia judge determined it was too close to the general election to consider changing the state's rule about handing out food and water within 150 of polling places.

Federal court rules DOJ must release internal memo to then-AG Barr stating Trump didn't obstruct justice

Sat, 20 Aug 2022 00:25:49 GMT

A federal appeals court ruled on Friday that the DOJ must release an internal memo to then-AG Bill Barr which was made to determine if then-President Trump obstructed justice.

Sen. Grassley says McConnell is aiming to 'wake people up' with threat that GOP might lose Senate

Sat, 20 Aug 2022 00:20:39 GMT

Sen. Chuck Grassley is backing up comments from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell that the GOP may lose the Senate, saying the leader is aiming to "wake people up."

Iowa state fair attendees say Biden 'too old' to run in 2024, motivated to vote by high inflation

Fri, 19 Aug 2022 23:58:55 GMT

Iowa voters at the state fair tell Fox News Digital that Biden is too old to run for a second term and that inflation and the economy are their top voting issues heading into the midterms.

Louisiana Democrat running for Senate highlights effort from party leaders to stifle election chances

Fri, 19 Aug 2022 22:18:21 GMT

Gary Chambers, a Democrat running for Senate in Louisiana, says he has faced pushback from state party leadership and that the party should do more "touting" of Biden's accomplishments.

Most Californians do not want Biden or Trump to run for president in 2024, poll shows

Fri, 19 Aug 2022 22:09:18 GMT

A new Berkeley IGS Polls survey revealed most Californians do not want to see either President Biden or former President Trump run in 2024. They prefer new leadership.

Texas Gov. Abbott pledges to keep sending illegal immigrants to NYC, DC despite mayors’ outrage

Fri, 19 Aug 2022 21:03:46 GMT

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is promising to keep sending illegal immigrants to New York City and Washington D.C. amid a continuing feud with the sanctuary cities.

Catholic group spending $1M on ad slamming Biden for inaction against attacks on pro-life centers, churches

Fri, 19 Aug 2022 20:54:03 GMT

A Catholic group has launched a $1 million dollar ad campaign to pressure Biden into action against attacks against pro-life pregnancy centers and churches.

WH Chief of Staff Ron Klain claims Biden's 'historic achievements' will help Democrats in November midterms

Fri, 19 Aug 2022 20:38:32 GMT

Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain is spinning the administration's performance, attempting to build support for Democrats ahead of the November midterm elections.

Tim Ryan accused of violating House Ethics rule during Ohio Senate campaign

Fri, 19 Aug 2022 20:34:23 GMT

Ohio Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan is accused of violating House ethics rules by using images and video of floor proceedings in his bid for the U.S. Senate.

Border Patrol nab illegal immigrant with conviction for raping child under age of 4

Fri, 19 Aug 2022 19:49:41 GMT

Border Patrol agents arrested an illegal immigrant with prior convictions including for possession of a controlled substance and sex with a child three years or younger.

Ron Klain says Biden not 'creating a s--tstorm every day' like Trump

Fri, 19 Aug 2022 19:31:10 GMT

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain said during an interview that President Biden isn't "creating a s--tstorm every day" like former President Trump did.

Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur touts 'fighting back' against Biden weeks after embracing him on campaign trail

Fri, 19 Aug 2022 19:20:46 GMT

Ohio Democratic Rep. Marcy Kaptur changed her tune on President Biden in a new ad that states she "doesn't work for Joe Biden," despite welcoming him with open arms weeks ago.

Judge blocks Florida 'woke' law pushed by Gov. DeSantis

Fri, 19 Aug 2022 18:59:46 GMT

A Florida law restricting critical race theory in both schools and businesses that was supported Gov. Ron Desantis' was blocked by a state judge because it violates the 1st Amendment.

Texas Democrat in tight congressional race claims no 'chaos' at southern border, accuses GOP of hyping crisis

Fri, 19 Aug 2022 17:51:12 GMT

Texas Democrat Michelle Vallejo claimed there was no "chaos" at the U.S. southern border, and accused Republicans of hyping the crisis.

Bill Clinton turns 76: Former president, Hillary spotted in the Hamptons

Fri, 19 Aug 2022 17:44:23 GMT

Former President Bill Clinton, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton, their daughter, have been spotted in New York ahead of Bill's birthday.

Local GOP leaders say Iowa's 'retail politics' uniquely appeals to 2024 hopefuls

Fri, 19 Aug 2022 17:35:11 GMT

Iowa is a state positioned well to attract 2024 presidential hopefuls, who try and get a pulse on the issues that matter most to every day Americans, say local leaders in the state during the massive Iowa State Fair.

Biden still pushing federal worker vaccine mandate despite eased CDC guidelines

Fri, 19 Aug 2022 17:27:48 GMT

The CDC significantly rolled back its COVID-19 guidelines last week, but the Biden administration is still trying to enforce its federal worker mandate.

Colorado Senate shakeup: Joe O'Dea responds to Sen. Bennet's abortion attack ad as Democrat loses steam

Fri, 19 Aug 2022 17:06:19 GMT

Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet attacked Republican rival Joe O'Dea over his abortion stance, which is far more pro-choice than most of the GOP, as the Senate race tightens

Democrats launch seven figure ad buy 'touting President Biden,' inflation bill despite low approval rating

Fri, 19 Aug 2022 16:48:06 GMT

The Democratic National Committee announced a seven figure ad buy "touting Biden and Democrats," following big week of legislation.

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